Vietnamese food is well and truly globally loved. You will be hard-pressed to find a major thành phố in the world without a Vietnamese restaurant or some variation of the food. But what about here in Vietnam? Hoi An is vying for its own place as a đứng top destination in Asia for food lovers all over the world. Consequently the charming town of Hoi An is trang chủ to some of the best restaurants in the country. 

Usually the capital Hanoi or the gargantuan Ho bỏ ra Minh spring lớn mind when asked about Vietnamese food. You would not be wrong for identifying these two as foodie havens. Hoi An has fought hard to be another contender on the scene. 

It is not only the buzzing atmosphere & gorgeous aesthetics which render Hoi An a culinary paradise. No, Hoi An has an abundance of top chất lượng restaurants serving food from all over the globe. Whether you are after a glass of red wine và a pizza, fresh seafood or stunning sushi. Hoi An’s best restaurants cater lớn you & push the boundaries of modern Vietnamese cuisine. Hoi An’s restaurants literally have it all.




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Food in Hoi An – What’s the Big Deal?

Eating in Hoi An is an experience matched by few others. But it is not just the staggering variety of food và its unique which makes eating in Hoi An such an unforgettable experience. Any serious eaters and self-proclaimed foodies will tell you that often, the food makes up only half of the dining experience. 

It is who you are eating with, where you are eating it, & the atmosphere you are in. Even the smaller stuff such as lighting, music and temperature can massively affect the experience of eating. And while it may sound a little hyperbolic, it certainly is the case for a great number of people. 

This is what makes Hoi An such a special place for food. Whether you’re eating in a tranquil và rustic courtyard in the famous Old Town, packed into a tiny local place breaking bread with the town’s locals, or eating at the roadside watching locals & tourists alike pass by, there’s something in Hoi An for everyone. 

You will be hard-pressed khổng lồ find a town or city in Vietnam as beautiful as this one. So let the aesthetic charm of Hoi An seep into your dining experience, making it as unforgettable as it should be. 



Best Japanese Restaurant in Hoi An: Wakaku 

Website – Address: 39 Dao tu bổ – Hours: 6 p.m. – 10 p.m., Daily

With Japanese food becoming so popular in Vietnam as of late, there is inevitably going to lớn be stiff competition for this category. Yet Wakaku firmly wins this one. The elegant yet unpretentious restaurant is reasonably priced with an extensive menu ensuring there is something on offer for everyone. 

Wakaku is one of two restaurants first opened to serve in-house diners in the five-star khách sạn Royal Hoi An. But it is now a firm favourite with locals and travellers alike. Entering Wakaku really is akin lớn taking a breath of fresh air. Walking around Hoi An’s historic Old Town can take it out of you. The intense heat, noise, & packed streets take their toll. Wakaku presents itself as a very welcome break, an opportunity to lớn escape the sometimes hectic Old Town.

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With a calming and tranquil atmosphere, Wakaku stays true to lớn the Japanese tradition of making it about more than just food. It’s the ceremony, it’s how the food is designed lớn make you feel. Well, walking into Wakaku this becomes clear immediately. With hints of thiết kế features from Hoi An – Hoi An’s infamous lanterns feature, but with a Japanese twist. Wakaku fully embraces its heritage khổng lồ great effect.

The Food at Wakaku

But of course the most important factor is the food, and Wakaku has simply the best Japanese food around. With an extensive menu packed full of deeply flavorful dishes, there’s so much choice at Wakaku. Opt for the chef’s sushi phối of the day. It’s available in all different portion sizes for your fix of fresh & clean sushi. Perhaps try Wakaku’s robatayaki, a selection of grilled meats and fish served with a rich and thick soy sauce. If you’re in the mood for something fried – a Japanese favourite all over the world – try the selection of tempura, battered & deep-fried vegetables and shrimp served with dipping sauce. Click HERE to lớn read more about Wakaku Restaurant. 

A traditional Japanese thực đơn is found at Wakaku Restaurant

Fine Dining 

Fine dining may not be the first thing which comes to lớn mind when thinking about food in Vietnam. Street food markets & side of the road restaurants packed with locals, yes. But not fine dining. While there is of course a lot to be said for eating like a local in restaurants & markets you would never find at home. However you should never miss the chance to lớn experience fine dining in Vietnam and Hoi An especially. 

Hoi An is a town with an embarrassment of riches when it comes khổng lồ fresh local produce grown in the outlying farms & fresh seafood caught a few miles off Hoi An’s coast. Hoi An catches it và grows it. What Vietnam’s vị trí cao nhất chefs can vì chưng with this produce is astonishing. It’s a town where creativity flows in abundance and nowhere better than the kitchen.

Hoi An’s fine dining restaurants make wonderful dishes from the fresh, local ingredients

Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Hoi An: ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar

Website – Address: 37 Phan Boi Chau – Hours: 4:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Monday to lớn Thursday, 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Friday to Sunday. 

This is no more true than at ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar, where a passion for perfection rules supreme. The tasteful restaurant strikes the perfect balance between the modern and the traditional. This is reflected in both interior decor & the food on offer. Cosy và traditional wooden furnishings run throughout the restaurant, with more modern accents of copper dotted throughout. 

With a fresh và uplifting atmosphere cultivated, there are perhaps no better restaurant settings than this. Diners have the option of dining indoors or outdoors. A breezy & cool terrace on the river provides the perfect option for cooler evenings. A roaring fire pit pays homage khổng lồ the woodfired style of cooking championed in the restaurant. 

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The Food at ThirtySeven

ThirtySeven’s reputation is of course upheld by the astonishing quality of food and drinks on offer. As the name suggests, ThirtySeven’s food is cooked using the age-old technique of xuất hiện fire cooking. From grilling to lớn smoking and from Asado style mở cửa fire pits khổng lồ slow-burning ovens. ThirtySeven utilises traditional cooking methods khổng lồ create wonderfully modern flavours.

Cooking using only locally sourced woods, sugarcane & coconuts ensure an authentic, natural flavour is imparted on the food. Continuing ThirtySeven’s policy for using local ingredients wherever possible. Nibbles such as the lotus seed hummus provide a refreshing & delicious Vietnamese twist on the Moroccan classic. Being a grill house, ThirtySeven’s jewel is the range of Australian imported beef steaks. These are available in a range of cuts and with classic sauces, imparted with a Vietnamese twist.

If you’re in the mood for sharing, ThirtySeven also offers large plates & sharing plates. For example the baked lamb shoulder served with yoghurt dressing, red onion pickle & corn tortillas. 

Hidden Hint: Avoid disappointment! Sharing plates need to lớn be ordered 24 hours in advance.

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The range of the menu is truly impressive. With a team of mixologists and selection of fine wines (and cigars), take an evening lớn indulge và spoil your taste buds.

A group enjoys their meal at ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill.

Modern Vietnamese Food 

While there is no shortage of international restaurants serving great food in Hoi An. Some of the town’s best food is, of course, Vietnamese. With recipes passed down through generations and dishes perfected over the years, while you’re in Hoi An be sure lớn fill your boots with Vietnamese food. You’ll probably never have better Vietnamese food again.

Classic Vietnamese dishes such as pho (the famed noodle soup), bun phụ vương (grilled pork with noodles, fresh vegetables & noodles) và banh xeo (savoury crispy rice pancakes) are all must-tries. However more contemporary Vietnamese food has never been better. Contemporary Vietnamese food is pushing the boundaries of the cuisine, creating exciting new irresistible dishes.

This is no more true than in Hoi An. Here both traditional & contemporary Vietnamese foods maintain a stellar reputation. And it’s only growing.