Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh - General Director of Nam Mien Trung Co., Ltd. shares that: "To Nam Mien Trung has the stature as today, from the beginning mix up company, I have sầu khổng lồ choose my own way lớn create a difference, such as: The breed must be of the highest chất lượng - this is the core value of Nam Mien Trung that we are determined khổng lồ hold on forever so we do not hesitate the truths of shrimp farmers. "


Shrimp supplier No 1 solution selected by shrimp farmers– Complying with the shrimp industry in the development of ethical standards in production & business, ensuring the development of shrimp industry stable & sustainable.– Applying high công nghệ in many stages of shrimp seed production in order to lớn supply shrimps with international standards of unique và absolute stability.

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– Creativity: the solution to lớn success– Diligence: hard work brings efficiency– Do not stop learning: learn from colleagues is the motivation khổng lồ improve knowledge– Important work is number one– Man is the subject of business


The enthusiasm and the ethics of the job are the commitment of the chất lượng of the seed, so the process from the input đầu vào lớn the output stage is done và strictly checked, so the shrimp seed hàng hóa & the shrimp of Nam Mien Trung (GAPhường standard) have good unique, has helped many shrimp farmers succeed và get rich from shrimp farming.

Started to join the shrimp breeding industry from 1997 khổng lồ now Nam Mien Trung is leading in the field of producing shrimps and become the leading br& shrimp in Vietphái nam, with giải pháp công nghệ advanced production, the most advanced technical process in Southeast Asia.

Currently, Nam Mien Trung has 7 high-tech shrimp seed production zones are invested according khổng lồ US công nghệ standards, capathành phố of producing shrimp seed is 15 billion seed per year. The company also opened branches in Bac Lieu, Long An, Ninc Thuan & representative sầu office in Ho Chi Minch City. Ho Chi Minh City to lớn serve sầu the best customers throughout the country.

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Nam Mien Trung has more than 500 people working in 32 provinces and cities across the country, including 1 doctor, 1 master, 500 aquaculture engineers và 5 technical consultants. foreign countries in the field of White shrimp.

Besides, Nam Mien Trung also established a company in Ho Chi Minh City. Artemia, vitamins, minerals, biological products … (selected & surveyed in many provinces và cities in Vietnam) lớn supply products for the market both. Water khổng lồ tư vấn và protect shrimp products of Nam Mien Trung in chất lượng và quantity on the market in the most perfect way.

“Nam Mien Trung lớn make you rich” is the guideline throughout since its establishment, plus the criterion of “Prestige, unique, công nghệ is the first criterion of the company” has helped Nam Mien Trung has belief of shrimp farmers throughout the country.