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Nội dung text: bộ đề kiểm tra 15 phút môn giờ Anh Lớp 10

MÌNH BÁN tệp tin WORD RẤT NHIỀU SÁCH TIẾNG ANH THÍ ĐIỂM MỌI bỏ ra TIẾT XIN LIÊN HỆ ZALO O937-351-107 SAU ĐÂY XIN chạy thử XEM THỬ 1 VÀI TRANG BỘ ĐỀ KTRA ĐỊNH KÌ kiểm tra 1 | Unit 1, 2 Time: 15 minutes I.

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Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. 1. As planned, I my parents this weekend. A. Am going to lớn visit B. Visit C. Will visit D. Visiting 2. My mother often the housework every day. A. Bởi vì B. Is doing C. Did D. Does 3. He likes khổng lồ meet and spend time with other people. He is very . A. Rude B. Sociable C. Unfriendly D. Generous 4. Are foods and other goods sold at a shop or a supermarket. A. Housework B. Benefits C. Chores D. Groceries 5. He books at the moment. A. Reads B. Reading C. Read D. Is reading II. Change the following sentences into passive voice. 6. He must vì the homework now. . 7. Nobody saw him yesterday. . 8. People are watching this football match all over the world. . 9. Does your sister clean the house every day? . 10. Who looked after your daughter last night? .TEST 2 | Unit 1, 2 Time: 15 minutes I. Choose the best answer to lớn complete the sentence. 1. The house next year. A. Will build B. Will be built C. Is going to build D. Is built 2. There are many when we often take morning exercise. A. Duties B. Benefits C. Burdens D. Chores 3. They should contribute an enormous amount of money the charity. A. To B. For C. With D. Of 4. Is a large organ in the body which cleans the blood. A. Lung B. Brain C. Liver D. Heart 5. You lớn read from an eye chart to kiểm tra whether your eyes are good or not. A. Will probably ask B. Are going khổng lồ ask C. Will be asked D. Asked 6. The government should take actions the Zika virus from spreading. A. To prevent B. To lớn preventing C. Prevented D. Prevents 7. I was obese because I didn"t have a(n) diet. A. Healthy B. Unhealthy C. Health D. Healthily 8. Parents should hands to lớn take care of their children well. A. Shake B. Hold C. Join D. Take 9. Sure that you follow the instructions carefully. A.

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Believe B. Try C. Vày D. Make 10. This flat every day. A. Is cleaned B. Cleans C. Is cleaning D. Cleaned II. Put the following verbs into the correct form. 11. Don"t make so much noise. The students (do) the test. 12. The window should (repair) by my brother.TEST 3 | Unit 1,2 Time: 15 minutes I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest. 1. A. Breath B. Health C. Heart D. Head 2. A. Household B. Bone C. Oxygen D. Role II. Choose the best answer to lớn complete the sentence. 3. As planned, we a new house next week. A. Are going to lớn build B. Build C. Will build D. Built 4. My father is responsible making money. A. In B. With C. At D. For 5. I am afraid my brother can"t go out with you right now. He his car. A. Repair B. Repairs C. Repaired D. Is repairing 6. The heart và blood vessels are parts of the system. A. Certain B. Circle C. Circulatory D. Circumstance 7. The nerves messages between your brain and the rest of your body. A. Carry B. Are carrying C. Carried D. Will carry III. Read the passage and choose the best answer. There are many things in life which you have to vày whether you lượt thích it or not. One of such things is household (8) . It is what someone in the family has to vì every day in spite of his or her wish and desire. You can hardly find a person (9) doesn"t like comfort, delicious food, clean và tidy clothes. But these things need somebody"s attention và doing them. It"s called housework. I think it is not a bad idea to lớn (10) household duties. If every (11) of the family does his bit about the housework, it isn"t difficult or boring & proves the proverb: "Many hands make light work". For example, the children should keep their own rooms (12) , make their beds, lay the table for meals, clear away the dishes and wash up. The mother could then concentrate on the more specialized jobs of cooking, ironing, mending, và shopping. The father should bởi more difficult physical work. This is an ideal variant for me how to keep house. 8. A. Responsibilities B. Chores C. Groceries D. Laundries 9. A. Who B. Whom C. Which D. Where 10. A. Keep B. Bởi C. Make D. Nói qua 11. A. Son B. Daughter C. Member D. Parent 12. A. Tidy B. Mess C. Dirty D. Disorder