Going into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, I was skeptical of it topping my personal golden standard for Dragon Ball Z games: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. 161 playable characters, destructible stages, & the most polished cel-shaded look yet made for the best virtual adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s opus to lớn date. While future side entries like the excellent Revenge of King Piccolo or Origins did interesting things in their own right, marquee titles in the series took a nose dive after BT3. Less content, no fundamental gameplay changes, & weird little gimmicks that never felt like fully realized ideas—although I did lượt thích Burst Limit.

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Then came Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

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The narrative is probably the best-written piece of Dragon Ball fan fiction out there. Picking up a while after Xenoverse’s ending, players control a customized rookie Time Patroller, while their custom character from the last trò chơi is transferred & becomes an actual side character. This Time Patroller is tasked with the same job as last time: examine anomalies in history & make them right again. What if Nappa and Vegeta both had Great Ape forms, for example? What if Ginyu took over Vegeta’s toàn thân instead of Goku’s? And, most crucially for series nerds like myself: what if Turles và Lord Slug got the chance to lớn be more fleshed-out villains, instead of one-off punching bags for 45-minute, non-canon movies? The fairly substantial main missions answer all these questions, và many more. Players get the chance to lớn experience another romp through Dragon Ball’s past within a fun, well-written original narrative. It’s a bunch of tín đồ service, but it’s fan service done right, và in a way that doesn’t feel cloying or one-note.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a potent Genki Dama khổng lồ the series’ longstanding issues, & a bigger, better game than the original by every stretch of the imagination. A true must-have for any long Ball fan.
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