The new Instax nói qua SP-2 Printer firmware update enables on-the-spot camera printing.

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The Instax tóm tắt Printer app should already be loaded on your di động devices. From your điện thoại app, you can update your firmware it is not a liên kết to a firmware update as we are used to.

Here"s what khổng lồ do:Turn on your SP-2 and connect via WiFi to your device (smartphone or tablet)Open Instax Share phầm mềm on your device & go lớn SETTINGS in the APPEnsure Printer mã sản phẩm selected is SP-2Confirm password (either 1111 or change to your preference)Go khổng lồ FIRMWARE VERSION, select it, và update khổng lồ VER.01.19Lights will flash & blink on the SP-2 & the kết thúc of the update will show COMPLETE on your device.

To print from your X Series digital camera, ensure the Setting under Wireless Communication in your camera shows the correct SSID # for your SP-2 (on the bottom of the printer).

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Firmware Update Visual Aid:


* Update October 2019 *

After hearing that many people were having issues connecting following the update to tiện ích ios 13, we reached out lớn Fujifilm & they provided us with the following tư vấn tips. Try the steps listed below, and if you need further assistance, they recommend contacting Fujifilm support at 800-800-3854 và follow the prompts.

On 19 Sep 2019, iOS13 was released by Apple. In checking its operation with FUJIFILM Camera Remote, it has been confirmed that there is a setting change of Bluetooth and Location that is required to lớn use the Camera Remote. (We are still checking the functionality, stay tuned if further information is necessary. Under the circumstances, keep in mind the situation if you or customers upgrade the IOS.)

Required change for iOS13

1. After upgrading to iOS13 & starting the Camera Remote, the dialog in the right will appear one time only, select “OK”. NOTE: If you select “Don’t Allow”, the Camera Remote will not be connected lớn a camera. Select “ON” in the công nghệ bluetooth Sharing setting. (see image) * Settings > Cam Remote > công nghệ bluetooth Sharing:”ON”

2. Select “ON” in the Location settings. Otherwise, you cannot use Wi-Fi connection. * Settings > Privacy > Location Services:”ON” * Settings > Cam Remote > Location:”While Using the App” or “Always