Grease Management Solutions provides a full service commercial kitchen grease specialist. As a company we are dedicated to lớn ensure that all your needs are all in one shop; grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor pumping, used cooking oil collection, grease trap & interceptor installation - repair, hydro jet plumbing, oil & grease spill clean up, ejector pump repair.
Grease Management Disposal of Waste Oil / Grease in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino. We offer full service grease recylcing và waste oil pumping service lớn ensure that your plumbing is running the way it should be. With over 30 years or combined experience we are ready lớn help you with your commercial kitchen needs. We proudly offer our services for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, casinos, golf course, bakeries, & all other food servicing companies.
Grease traps and interceptors are the heart of the kitchen. By not properly maintaining it or having it routinely cleaned you can be in violation which will cause you lớn get cited by the city. There are many repercussions that can occur when a trap or interceptor is not pumped and cleaned. These devices are designed to handle about 25% FOGS content and when it passes that, it effectiveness are less efficient causing not only the plumbing to lớn back up but also contaminate the whole sewer system as a whole.
Grease reycling or grease collection service for the food servicing establishment is required by the city inspectors for every kitchen that uses used cooking oil. By hiring or attaining a không tính phí used cooking oil pick up service, you are ensuring that all waste oil are being disposed properly và not going into the sewer system. Cooking oil & animal fat grease is the largest cause of sewer overflows that every đô thị frowns upon. Since businesses with commercial kitchen goes through heavy usage of fats oils grease và solids they are a target for the đô thị inspectors.
Grease Collection service for restaurant cooking oil from fryers. Recycling for vegetable, peanut, olive, corn, canola, grease, lard oils for BIO Diesel. Commercial kitchens must properly dispose waste grease from fryers to lớn prevent sanitation lines from overfling. As part of BMP best management practice, a log or manifest must be available for all city và health insepectors.

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Due lớn the Covid-19, you may experience a slight delay with your regularly scheduled waste oil collection service. As an essential business we will continue khổng lồ provide used cooking oil colletion, grease trap và grease interceptor pumping, & Hydro Jet Plumbing Services.

To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we will be attending khổng lồ emergency services first. Please call our office at 888-696-9906 for immediate assistance. We appreciate your patience as we remain committed to lớn serving you during this time. Click Here to Learn More...

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Commercial Used Cooking Oil Collection và Recycling

Food Servicing Establishments looking for a reliable used cooking oil collection company that they can depend on can be difficult if you have never dealt with the process. When searching for a company, it is best to lớn make sure that they are reliable và licensed by the California, Food và Agriculture Department. As a grease collection company team, we dedicate ourselves khổng lồ providing our clients with an efficient và dependable used cooking grease collection service. Our grease và used cooking oil collection service is designed to fit every customer"s needs khổng lồ make sure that no bottleneck can slow down your production. Our service will include delivering a storage container that will best suit your space available at your location. After setting up the storage container, we will perform a scheduled or on-demand pick-up service based on your restaurant, mall, shopping center, or commercial kitchen requirements. Whether you require a reliable company khổng lồ pick up your used cooking oil or looking for a licensed hauler that will keep you in compliance, we are ready to lớn provide you with excellent service.

Grease Trap Cleaning Service

A grease trap is a plumbing recovery device that prevents commercial kitchen oil and solid food waste from entering the đô thị sanitation line lớn reduce or eliminate sewer sanitation overflows (SSO"s) on the thành phố line. Also known as a FOGS (FATS, OILS, GREASE, SOLIDS) gravity device, failing khổng lồ service this equipment on time can lead khổng lồ kitchen & plumbing disasters such as drain stoppage overflows that can lead lớn large fines or store closure. A grease trap is typically found under the sink or in the ground inside the kitchen. Due lớn its small size ranging from 100 gallons or below, these devices are fully pumped and cleaned every four khổng lồ six weeks. It is mandatory that these devices are services và cleaned once it reaches 25% FOGS nội dung and the waste must be disposed of by a licensed grease hauler lớn be in compliant. Once the device is serviced, or the waste is taken away, the waste hauler must provide a manifest report or service receipt as proof for the city or county inspector as a legal disposal record. More...

Grease Interceptor Pumping - Cleaning Service

Similar functionality of a grease trap, the significant difference between the two devices is its form size and effectiveness. With its massive size, grease interceptors (GI) are typically placed outside the premises, such as a parking lot or a parking structure covered with a maintenance hole 24-inch lid. The majority of the time, these are made of precast or fiberglass. An average interceptor form size for restaurants can vary from 750 khổng lồ 5,000, although shared, food processing companies and other large commercial kitchen interceptors can go up to lớn 40,000 gallons. Due to lớn its large size, its effectiveness to lớn trap fats, oils, grease, and solids waste is much more efficient than an indoor grease trap. Most cities make it mandatory for all commercial kitchens to install interceptors rather than inside traps because of their efficiency. When cleaning, all waste inside must be taken out by a particular vacuum truck removing all nội dung from đứng top to bottom. Irregular or lack of service maintenance can lead khổng lồ costly overflows or blockage, causing major plumbing issues. More...

Grease Trap Repair and Installation

If you are opening or remodeling a food servicing establishment, the thành phố may have already told you that you need to install either a grease trap or grease interceptor. The majority of the cities throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, San Diego, và San Bernardino make it mandatory for any food servicing establishments lớn install either a grease trap or grease interceptor base on their speculations. To lớn determine which type of device necessary for your location, one must go lớn the city planning or industrial waste department before proceeding with the installation. Every jurisdiction will have different requirements; therefore, you must first kiểm tra with the establishment"s đô thị before putting one into place. We highly recommend hiring a plumbing contractor that has experience with grease interceptor installation. Without the proper knowledge, this can lead to long-term issues such as odor & sanitary plumbing problems. For more information about grease trap & grease interceptor installation and repairs. Click Here...

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Hydro Jet Plumbing ( Water Jetting )Service

Hydro jetting, water jetting, or high-pressure washing of pipeline walls is the most effective way to clean or khổng lồ thoroughly remove the stubborn build-up residue of grease & debris sticking on the walls of the pipes. Typically, water waste entering into the drain systems contains a mixture of grease và food solids. Overtime mixture of grease và food solid stick on the pipe walls, eventually reducing the radius, which causes it khổng lồ slow down or clog. Commercial restaurants go through heavy usage in which grease build-up is very common; snaking a line may only be a temporary fix versus hydro jetting. Unlike your regular rooting service or snaking, this procedure uses highly pressurized water of up lớn 3,500 pounds per square inch (PSI) at 7-10 gallons per minute to ensure that any build-up or obstruction is cleared. We recommend an average-sized restaurant for the main and the branch lines (floor drains, sinks, and cleanouts) lớn be hydro jetted every 6-12 months. Get full-service grease trap cleaning and hydro jetting service khổng lồ prevent overflows and blockage. Learn More...

Spill Clean Up Pressure Washing With Recovery

If your grease trap or interceptor is overflowing or full with grease and wastewater coming out of the top of the covers, immediately stop any water usage inside the kitchen. In this event, be sure to make a barrier preventing the contamination from expanding any further and instantly turn off any running water. Vày not use additional water lớn clean up the spillage, for it can only spread the pollution, making the spill worse. Instead, use absorbents & remove large pieces of grease or solid waste with a proper scooper. In case of a significant hazardous grease waste spill, clean-up may require a professional with suitable equipment such as a pressure washer with a water recovery khổng lồ prevent the discharge from traveling any further. If you are currently experiencing a significant overflow, contact us at 888-696-9906 for immediate assistance. Learn More...

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Managing a commercial kitchen or a restaurant can be overwhelming. You worry about making great meals and be on high alert, making confident that all equipment is properly working. Grease Management Services is a Southern California-based company specializing in food servicing establishment (FSE) companies such as restaurants, commissaries, food processing factories, etc.. We offer & provide:

Inedible grease recycling. Grease trap/interceptor cleaning. Plumbing. High-pressure washing services.

As a company, we are well known to deliver immediate response and high service quality. By forming a strategic alliance with other grease collectors, plumbers, và grease pumpers, we have positively changed the grease business. Our response time, attention to lớn detail & exceptional knowledge have been the key to our success. Therefore, if you are looking for a company that can provide you with the best service & results, you have found the company that suits your needs. Hotline us today & see why we are the leading choice for companies lượt thích yours. 

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