The youth version of AMAZFIT smartwatch is a smart wearable sản phẩm aimed at the public, featuring long-term endurance and youth sports. Its appearance is more lượt thích "we want khổng lồ help more people become healthier" lớn meet Huami technology's slogan, bringing smart sports watches into all groups, this time in the name of "youth".

Compared with the previous, AMAZFIT Smart watch youth version of the functionality is not so rich, but as a smart wearing watch, its chip core functional features have been preserved, such as steps, heart rate, GPS, various motion modes và so on.

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From the outside, Amazfit Smart watch youth version of the front with a 360x360 resolution of the 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, brightness performance is good, the sun can see the contents of the dial. The screen is slightly below the border, not flat, and the dial has a diameter of 43mm.


When it comes lớn the dial, the AMAZFIT Smart watch Youth Edition is không lấy phí to replace the dial & even customize the dial background, but this is a bit of a hassle and requires yourself to tải về the Wfz file to the Hua mi Forum, và of course you can make this type of tệp tin yourself và put it in the WatchFace directory.


AMAZFIT Smart watch Youth version of the built-in GPS, yesterday when I was walking outdoors, the walking mode will be opened, the watch will record the trajectory, even if not carrying a thiết bị di động phone, will not affect the normal use of this function.

Turn on the GPS function, the length of life will be affected to a certain extent, 3 hours about 8% of the power consumption, the official GPS life of 40 hours, now, basically in line with!

AMAZFIT smart Watches Youth version of the whole toàn thân only one button, in the upper right corner of the position, the function of the key only light screen & exhale outdoor running mode two, the other operation all rely on the touch screen to complete.

The strap is very skin-friendly silicone polycarbonate material, the feel is excellent, of course, we can also replace the other AMAZFIT strap.

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The youth version of the AMAZFIT smartwatch has a built-in 390mAh battery và a low-power processor, which officials say lasts about 20 days in a typical usage scenario. By "typical," I mean khổng lồ use a function on a regular basis, without deliberately using it for long periods of time.

Finally, AMAZFIT Smart watch youth version just opened, the hàng hóa gave me the feeling is very ordinary, very bland, but when I took it for two days, I found that it is still a very high degree of completion of the product.

I took it lớn complete the 3-hour walk, which was able to lớn draw out my heart rate curve và trajectory, and then gave a movement message about the total distance of movement, how many calories were consumed, and so on, which just completed the basic task of a sports watch.

In addition, the youth version of the AMAZFIT smartwatch is lightweight, weighing only 44 grams, and the strap is so skin-friendly that it is "almost" invisible. So I thought it would be nice khổng lồ wear a watch when you're exercising, & you can see your exercise data.

AMAZFIT Smart watch Youth version of the current pre-sale price of 499 yuan, June 16 delivery.

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